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Questions to Define Software and Web Site Content:

Three Goals:
1 – Keep it simple
2 – Keep it User-friendly
3 – Keep it productive

Our Internet Organizing

  1. Who do we want to reach?
  2. What do we want them to do?
  3. How do they communicate?
  4. What should they know about us?
  5. How do we keep them coming?

Our Website

  1. What does it say about us?
  2. How does it define our connection with our users?
  3. What should our users do on the site?
  4. What should the site do to enhance our organizing?

Our Software

  1. What do we want it to do?
  2. What exactly does it do?
  3. What will we want it to do in the future?
  4. Can our users use it comfortably?
  5. What do we do to make sure they can?
  6. Can we use it comfortably?
  7. What do we do to make sure we can?