A Bit of Intellectual Genocide

Over the past couple of years, the on-line world has been over-run by an epidemic of "flattened communications" software and solution designed mainly to get young people community (or actually buying stuff -- which is mainly what capitalism does).

Texting, all thoses "mini-websites" (like Facebook, etc.), the infernally named "twitter" and even newer and just emerging forms of communication present themselves to people as not only the equal of but superior to old stalwarts like email and the website.

Da Basics: Calling the Node

So Drupal's automagical in so many ways and you can let it work its magic and come up with a pretty darn good site. But you're not satisfied with said outcome; you want to go beyond the pretty darn good and do something special, or some function specifically needed or something that came to you in a dream.

And so you have to do what Drupal normally does in places in which Drupal ain't doing it.

It's helpful, in fact, to know more or less how Drupal does its basic functionality. Even if you don't use them, these code pieces can help you understand how Drupal works.


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