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The Newt Phenomenon

While the media hype Newt Gingrich and the "come from behind" victory he had in South Carolina, it's important to note that most of what they say about him (or that he says about himself) is not true. Here are some examples of the lies about Gingrich that make this hateful and dangerous man a viable public figure.

The mass media: Gingrich could well be the conservative voice the GOP's "faithful" have been looking for.

The truth: He's always been there and his victory in South Carolina is only a detestable dance of bigotry combining his unbelievably open racist attacks on the President with the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and, in the Christian South, that's tantamount to being a cultist. Christian Southerners are not going to vote for a Mormon for President without feeling that they have betrayed God. So it's not what Newt is; it's what Mitt is.

The mass media: Gingrich is the kind of solid debater who could make the national elections "interesting".

The truth: He's a blow-hard with the body of a dough-boy, idiotic ideas and the proclivity for lying through his teeth. He's been caught red-handed in more than a dozen major falsehoods (including about himself) and he doesn't seem to have even the slightest grasp on reality as far as this country goes. He doesn't care about anyone but himself so why care about the truth.

His propensity to blame the media for everything (his own inability to keep it in his pants) is truly disturbing because of its political and constitutional implications.

The mass media: Gingrich's come from behind surge is good for America because it extends this race.

The truth: You mean it extends your paycheck! The mass media is now worthless and that's demonstrated by its coverage of this campaign. Coverage of the NFL play-offs games has had more substance to it than the coverage of these elections. But reporters want to keep working and so they invent this approach to elections that turns them into these kinds of contests. That's so they don't have to do much thinking or much work or much controversial research and questioning.

In other words, they can make lots of money not working very hard and never going after the truth.

You don't report who's gotten the best jab in or what the polls say and then leave it at that. What about checking what these guys are saying against the facts? What about analyzing the import of a Presidential candidate advocating putting kids to work as janitors? What about really taking a look at what the economy is doing and evaluating candidates against that?

The GOP primary candidates are, without exception, sub-par intellects and opportunistic sociopaths. Gingrich is tops among them.

The mass media: Newt Gingrich represents a real, viable alternative whose voice is important.

The truth: He is a fascist. That's why he can lie as he does without batting an eyelash: that's what fascists do. His true value is to show the rest of us what's coming: we are going to have to deal with a growing fascist movement in this country and we need to be ready.