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Olbermann "Suspension": First of many right-wing attacks?

No, I don't think so. But it's significant as hell.

That this idiot Phil Griffin (the resident right-wing collaborator at NBC) would actually suspend the most popular MSNBC on-air host because he made three public campaign contributions. Well, as the story I will link to below points out, this sort of thing happens all the time and is perfectly acceptable among news people. I was a daily newspaper reporter; I know.

The point is to not allow your candidate preferences into your news coverage or commentary and Olbermann handled that perfectly. So why is he getting "suspended without pay?" I think it's a combination of the coming "corporation purchase" by Comcast of NBC and the Right's delusional analysis of the mid-term elections.

When the FCC signs off on it, Comcast will acquire NBC moving the country one giant step farther toward monopoly control of all information. Comcast is going to rip into the Network's brass and Griffin, whose decisions are driven by the moronic idea that left-wing people are too controversial for the tube, fires and suspends lefties all the time. He's been battling with Keith, a man not known for his reluctance to engage, and so he's now knocking him back or maybe even getting rid of him.

Either Keith's out (a major blow to progressive mass media) or this guy's just doing a childish humiliation trip on him like when Sister Francis (yeah...that's the spelling) made me stand in the corner for pointing out how she had spelled a word wrong on the blackboard. That was in the Fourth Grade. Humiliation.

But I also fear that this kind of move is the outcome of an empowered right or a cowering left. Or both.

In either case, it's dangerous. The right, of course, is not empowered to do anything by these elections. These elections were about the government not moving enough to the left; not the opposite.

I know one thing: any candidate will win any election (including the President of Humanity) if they convincingly state "I think the priority is to bring unemployment down to three percent in this country and here is how to do it and I am committed to doing that." Because that's all that is on people's minds: jobs and a steady salary.

If the right starts cutting back, the popular reaction will be unprecedented.

But because all right-wingers are fog-headed, they don't know that and because they have no respect for the human race, they wouldn't care because they don't believe people will move on them. So they are going to start pressuring these jelly fish that runs these networks to move further to the right.

Work with the corporate media is important and we haven't done a good job of it. But the good job is essentially to create and expand our own media and then support it and propagate it. We have our own media: it is disperse but very powerful and large. Now the trick is to organize a way of raising consciousness about it, broadening the participation in it (to include youth and people of color) and figuring out how our movements can support it so that, eventually, we don't need the mass media.

Then each side of this struggle -- us and the capitalists -- will have our own media. Let's see who wins. :-)

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