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Starting Countering Media Distortion

We are, predictably, being battered by the mainstream media's right-wing "analysis" of the mid-term elections. Most people reading this would agree, I speculate, that what we're seeing is a combination of many people realizing that we can't pin their hopes for survival on the guy elected to protect the capitalist system and the electoral system's total separation from the reality of the country.

Our politicians are saying this guy went "too far to the right" and that there is great concern about "taxes"? And this so-called news media is actually mouthing that garbage.

Our sister Jackie Smith, one of this country's leading left-wing sociologists and activists, make this statement to the Social Forum organizations today: "Obviously one lesson is that it is a waste of time to try to work with the mainstream media. They don't want to cover us. But we still need to find ways to counter the effects of the dominant media discourse, which as we all know makes it hard for us to convince people that it's worth trying to get organized to change things."

And, she supplied a link to a wonderful analysis by MF/PL member FAIR and I'm passing that along with a promise to share some more thoughts of this election thing in a day or two.