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Bill's Google

Bill Weinberg is a very capable progressive journalist who was once a member of May First/People Link. He no longer is and that, just in case you're wondering, was *not* his choice. history belongs in the photo album so we won't say more on that.
Bills Google

Now look what he's now doing. This is from his blog site. On the left is a superb article on the political situation in Columbia where the drup-war is used to mask an operation of cynical and vicious political control. I needed to crop it to show you the rest.

And on the right? A Google ad for "Gorgeous Colombian Women" and how to contact them. Probably a "marry me" scam or maybe a lure of some other kind -- brilliantly combining sexism and racism in a piece of advertising!

Now let's be clear. Bill would never willingly or consciously place such an ad in his blog. Not even the months of personal abuse the man heaped on me could ever persuade me to accuse him of that! In fact, I'm sure he's kind of aghast and he should be because a display of this type robs his article of the serious consideration and attention it deserves. It's a distraction in a horrible way and, in the long term, it snips at his reputation.

But my point here isn't to criticize Weinberg. It's to underscore what Google can and will do to you. They don't even know what he's written. They don't care. The have no problem belittling and insulting the content of a hard-worked, extremely important piece of journalism and self-expression with this kind of ad. Because they have a search enginge/ad placer that matches words like "Colombia". You write something on Colombia, we'll put in the ad about the Colombian hotties!

You think this is okay? Well, I'll bet your reaction is "that's's the way ad placement and marketing is done". But you can see in plain view here that it's *not* okay. It's horrible and destructive. The problem is that capitalism doesn't strategize its activities based on how they will affect your life; just on how they will get your money. That, in a sense, is the problem with capitalism. And that's the problem with Google.

We have seen, in recent weeks, an uncovering of the filthy, orgasmically selfish and "dude-like" self-centeredness of the Google management in its unbelievable proposal to "tier" the Internet with partner Time-Warner. We at MF/PL have been screaming about all the other indications that this company has become a monster.

Well, obviously. And the response by many, including some of our progressive movement family, is that there are actually many forward looking, progressive people in Google. As the thing was some renegade Boy Scout troop that was considering doing a prank in Summer Camp. Companies are *not* -- repeat *not* -- the absolute reflection of their human parts. They aren't the people that make them up. They have a logic, dynamic and power all their own: independent of those who run them and sometimes even contradictory to them.

They grope for profit. They seek expansion. And the people who run these things will do what the company needs and follow its direction even when they don't agree with it. They'll make up excuses. They write cute little clauses in the contracts and plans that, they say, "mitigate" the real impact of what they are doing.

And we're supposed to believe this garbage? I don't care of the spirits of the leaders of every Socialist revolution in history have somehow ingrained themselves in the bodies of these corporate coordinators, they are still going to eat people up, step all over freedoms, repress free activity and, most of all, do everything, every bless thing, they can to reverse or detour our march toward social change through the Internet and technology.

They have to. That's what makes them capitalists. And that is what has created Google, a company that controls a frightening percentage of your communications in your life and that is seeking to control it all. And what do you think will happen when it controls all your communications?