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The Drones Killed Them

One of my criticisms of Barack Obama is the rejection of fundamental freedom and democracy that is central to his vision of U.S. conduct in the world. Obama is neither a fascist nor, essentially, a progressive and there is a lot against which we should be struggling in his world view. For example, his vision of security as it applies to data and information is as close to that of a police state as I've ever seen in this country.

Instagram: Facebook Captures Your Life

The latest scream is about Facebook's change in user policy affecting its newest acquisition, "Instagram". That app for digital devices allows a user to share photographs across a network and through various social networking systems. It doesn't offer anything one couldn't do already -- few of these "great new apps" do -- but it makes everything much easier.

Mass Murder in Connecticut

Predictably, the systematic murder of school kids in Connecticut has chilled every feeling person in this country and scared those of us with young kids (or grand-children) to sleepless nights.

WCIT -- The Empire Strikes Back

In Dubai, a place where some people go to play monopoly with real buildings, the governments of the world are holding this conference about communications. The World Conference on International Telecommunications is a very serious attempt by Global governance to get what governments routinely define as "control and order" over telecommunications. At this conference, for the first time, that includes the Internet and that's what should draw our interest.

Going Over the Cliff

As a nation, we are condemned to watch our political leaders expose their immaturity, ignorance and self-destructive petulance in a "battle of will" (or lack of will) over what everyone now calls "the fiscal cliff".

Morsi's Gamble and Our Democracy

Mohammed Morsi is an Egyptian leader with some interesting challenges whose current reality speaks volumes about ours in this country.

He just literally took power over the entire Egyptian government decreeing that courts can't disband the Commission that's drafting Egypt's new constitution and no institution of government can slam dunk any decision he makes.

What If the Tea Party was Black?

Good question! Jasiri X asks it as well as anyone I've heard.
Here's the tube vid:

In following some of the lyrics from the Pittsburgh-based artist who did one of the most prominent anthems of the Occupy Movement (, I rediscovered this gem that somehow resonates heavy-duty.
What a treasure?

Alfredo Lopez at Brecht Forum's Manning Monday Series

I will be at the Brecht tomorrow night (Monday, June 11, 2012) joining Birgitta Jonsdottir (from Iceland's Modern Media Initiative), Trevor Timm of the EFF for a panel on "cyber law and radical activism online, from WikiLeaks to the Pirate Parties to the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act to the crackdown on encryption and anonymization."

The series itself is a great and very timely idea and we should all support it and this panel promises to be a good, I think. Stuff you should know and stuff you want to talk about.

The Newt Phenomenon

While the media hype Newt Gingrich and the "come from behind" victory he had in South Carolina, it's important to note that most of what they say about him (or that he says about himself) is not true. Here are some examples of the lies about Gingrich that make this hateful and dangerous man a viable public figure.

The mass media: Gingrich could well be the conservative voice the GOP's "faithful" have been looking for.


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